2014 Roadtrek RS E-Trek

2014 Roadtrek RS E-Trek

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Class B

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 The New E-trek Package

An Environmentally Conscious Package with more Functionality than any other Class B in History! 

(This new industry-leading package is part of the RS E-trek and also available on the new CS-Adventurous.)

The E-trek package is designed and manufactured with three things in mind:

  1. Environmentally Conscious: Models with this package emit fewer carbon emissions and far more e-conscious resources and equipment are used in their manufacture and function.
  2. Technology Advantages: This package uses the newest technologies to make the unit more functional and flexible for you. You get longer times off the grid while day tripping, weekending, and having fun.
  3. Simpler Use: There is much less to do to use units with this package than conventional RVs. You don't have to learn much (just a little bit).

How Does It Work?

A unit with this package uses its primary fuel, diesel, to provide heat and hot water through its combined heating core. These appliances use far less fuel than conventional propane or electric appliances, and are far easier to use. No lighting the stove with an open flame. No plugging in is needed for electricity (unless you want to).


All the other key functions are powered by electricity, and you have great technology to deliver that:

  • Engine Mounted Generator: The 3.0 litre Mercedes diesel engine is used as the power plant to feed the electrical system, running everything when driving or parked. At idle it feeds 3.5 KW of power. When driving, it is even more powerful and charges at 5.5 KW. The Mercedes engine will run reliably to operate the vehicle, and your generator when needed.
  • Solar Panel: The package boasts a large 245 watt solar panel on the roof that charges the batteries in daylight (not just sunlight) and is an excellent battery maintenance tool.
  • Inversion and Charging: The package has a large 5000 watt inverter that has battery protection and a power save mode that when activated will help protect the batteries from running down too far. All appliances and all outlets will all run off the batteries. No hassles.
  • Eight Auxiliary AGM Batteries: These are designed to give you "off the grid" power for hours, depending on what you run and environmental factors. They will charge quickly and easily from solar and the engine generator due to a comprehensive charging and electrical control system.

 All in all, models with the E-trek package have the most functionality of any motorhome or luxury travel van ever designed or manufactured, and it is done in an environmentally responsible way that makes camping and travel easier, more fun and worry free!

Come out and see the E-trek package!

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